The Bike Cave; A One Stop Reykjavik Shop

It's no secret that Iceland is well known for it's breathtaking landscapes, ocean views, and nightly paintings of Northern lights across clear skies. And what better way to explore Iceland's main city, than to scoot along ocean side on a moped! The Bike Cave has is all; anywhere from scooter rentals, home cooked burgers and sandwiches, bike tune up and repair, and great company! They even have plenty of vegan options; perfect when travelling in groups with different dietary needs! 


The Bike Cave offers moped rentals for either half or full days, allowing you to explore the city and ocean side view in a single day! I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is limited to only a few days in Iceland (as many travellers only make brief stops between flights to Europe and North America). The Cave also rents a single car (hey it's better than nothing!), if need be. 



The bike cave is just that; a cozy little lounge area, by the ocean. Comfy chairs surround a coffee table facing a big screen tv, bar stools line the window ledges for a view, as well as 2 4 tops for added seating. Adult colouring books and novels are placed around the shop, while modern music plays in the background. Coming in from the crisp cold breeze of October, I was instantly greeted by a friendly face. Right away I felt welcome, which doesn't always come easily to a traveller. I settled into a high top, where the co-owner, Hjördís, offered me a beverage and we got talking about my travels. She whipped me up a delicious vegan burger with her house made sauce; the perfect way to fill up after walking across the city. We chatted about the recent boom in Icelandic tourism, and she explained to me her philosophy in creating good clientele, and making an honest living. 


Food & Drink

As a vegan, I was pleasantly surprised by the wide variety in the menu, given that the Cave is a smaller venue with so much else going on! There were 3 vegan burger options, 4 different types of fries, vegan "meat"balls, fresh fruits, and energy bars, with quite accommodating menu options upon request. I tried the Luxury vegan burger, and loved it! The homemade sauce was definitely a kicker!  

The Cave even offers a wide variety of beverages, ranging from specialty coffees, beer, wine, and even alcoholic special coffees such as Irish coffee, amarula coffee, and many more! You can enjoy either with your meal, or for dessert alongside a one of the Cave's freshly baked goods. 

 As I mentioned, The Bike Cave runs on an honest living philosophy. Hjördís' prices were nearly half the price of any meals I had in the city. Even though the Bike cave is roughly a 30 minutes walk from the main city, it's definitely worth it! I got to explore a small piece of the West coast of Iceland, all while supporting a local business. 

It Really Is A One Stop Shop

Being on the outskirts of Reykjavik, Iceland's main city, the Bike Cave is often times a passing stop for bikers, hikers, and travellers alike. Self serve repair is available in the shop for bikers in need of tools for a quick tune up, as well as full bathroom amenities for long distance travellers. I'm talking shower availability, and washer and dryer usage! Where else, right?! 

For more information you can visit the Bike Cave at their website, or venture to Einarsnes 36 101 Reykjavik Island - just East of Reykjavik's Domestic airport.