Sun Warrior Vegan Protein: Product Review

As someone who has learned to navigate a plant based diet for nearly 4 years, I’ve done my fair share of experimenting with certified vegan products. In doing so, I’ve begun to set a standard. And in a time when the vegan food industry is booming, why not!



The obvious focus of nutrition when looking for a great protein powder, is in fact protein content. However, it is important to take in to account the source of protein, as well as additional macros per calorie count and serving. 

Per Serving (25g)
Calories: 90cals
Protein: 17g
Carbohydrates: 5g
Sugar: 3g
Fiber: 1g
Fat: 0g

Your recommended protein intake will vary depending on your body composition and your fitness regime, so it’s usually best to focus on the nutrition facts as a collective group. If your personal protein intake is higher or lower than the serving size, you can easily modify this. I aim for 20-25g of protein first thing in the morning, so I use about a scoop and a half of the given serving size. 

Sun Warrior offers 17g of protein per 90 calories. Our bodies require a balanced combination of 9 essential amino acids. Aside from a few exceptions, plant based food sources on their own, don’t include all 9. By eating a variety of foods, we ensure that the body gets these 9 amino acids. When scoping out a protein rich protein powder, it is important to find a product that does include these essential nutrients.  

It is also important to pay close attention to additional macros. There lies the difference between meal supplements and protein powders! Sun Warrior contains an additional 3g of sugar, a product of organic stevia. Yes this product is certified organic! No synthetic or artificial ingredients!

Flavour & Consistency

Personally, I will try just about any flavour of protein powder. Most brands carry a standard Vanilla and Chocolate. However, Sun Warrior also offers a Natural (no flavour added) as well as a Berry flavour (from organic goji berries). As someone who consistently adds protein to smoothies, having a variety of flavour options is key to a diversified diet. With a Vanilla protein powder I’d be inclined to mix a green smoothie loaded with kale, pineapple, basil, mint, and banana. With a Berry protein, I’d combine berries, banana, and chia seeds for example. 


Aside from the variety of flavours, Sun Warrior delivers a clean finish that some lower grade proteins just can’t compete with. A well produced protein powder shouldn’t leave you with a chalky manufactured taste. And trust me, you will recognize the difference. Lately I’ve been using the Sun Warrior Berry Blend and it is by far one of the best proteins I’ve tried (and I’ve dabbled with many brands over the years of being plant based). My go to breakfast is a smoothie bowl with blended frozen bananas, almond milk, and Sun Warrior Berry protein. Top that off with some granola and a spoonful of nut butter and you’re off to a great start. Click here for a smoothie bowl recipe - try this recipe and be sure to add Sun Warrior protein!

Another benefit to Sun Warrior is the fine consistency for blending into a silky smooth beverage. If you’ve ever purchased a low grade protein, you’ll notice a huge difference in the texture. Some of those chalky proteins can go down way too thick, and no one wants that. Especially when you only mix nut milk or water for that quick protein fix. 


Sun Warrior’s convenient container includes both a twist lid, as well as a pop top and retractable scoop for easy use. This recyclable packaging is BPA free, which is a harmful chemical that can, in small amounts, dissolve into foods and drinks.

Available for Purchase

Sun Warrior Plant Based Protein Blend is available for purchase at GT Supplements right here in Georgetown, Ontario. As someone who chooses a plant based diet, it’s great to see a local business offering not only vegan certified options, but - the best of the best. Personally, I base my diet on a myriad of factors including; nutrition, price, quality, flavour, and company culture. Knowing that Sun Warrior holds itself to such a high product standard, allows me to trust that I’m making the right choice for my body and my health.