Ko Lanta; Riding the Coast


After making our way through Bangkok, Phuket, and Ko Phi Phi, we were ready for some real serene time by the beach. It seemed as though our destinations were becoming more and more peaceful, Ko Lanta being our quietest yet. If you’re looking for a place to truly relax, this is it. 



As a now solo (and frugal) traveller, I’ll admit that our hostel in Ko Lanta was a bit of a splurge. The upside to travelling with 3 other people however, is that sometimes you can swing a private cabin for cheap! We stayed at Lanta Long Beach Hostel, a five minute walk to the beach, a swimming pool, free breakfast, and access to motorbike rentals. Considering we were right off the main strip, this place was very quiet and seemed fairly secluded. I would recommend it to a group/couple, but if you’re a solo traveller sticking to a budget or looking to meet other travellers, it might be in your best interest to venture to one of the more social hostels.  


Our Coastal Adventure

Ko Lanta has many hidden gems that are easily accessible with a motorbike and an offline map. I used ‘Maps.me’ on this island and was so thrilled with all of the amazing sights we found! It’s definitely possible to venture to a beach or a beachfront bar by stepping out onto the main strip and hailing a Tuk Tuk (Thai Taxi), but if you want to see multiple attractions and are working with a budget, a motorbike is the way to go. This was our first time riding motorbikes in Thailand, which I would recommend if you're looking to ease your way into it. Ko Lanta has minimal traffic with no need for traffic lights. You’ll be sticking to one or two main roads, making it a great place to practice driving for the first time.  


Hot Spots!

1. Lanta Long Beach Hostel

2. Khlong Khong Beach Lookout Point 

3. Same Same But Different Bar (A cool vibe right on the beach)

4. Bamboo Beach  (A quiet beach with stunning blue waters)

5. Mu Ko Lanta National Park (220 Baht gets you entry & parking; A nature hike and access to a spectacular viewpoint & Epic beach)

6. Epic Beach  (Perfect way to cool off after the hike)

7. Why Not Bar (Huge menu, right on the beach)

8. Sunset Viewpoint  

9. Happy Veggie Restaurant  (Amazing vegan food!)

Here’s an outline using Maps.me of our coastal adventure. I would recommend pinning these hot spots and creating a route from your hostel. This was by far one of my favourite days travelling! 

Same Same But Different Bar

Same Same But Different Bar

Lookout point from Mu Ko Lanta National Park  & Epic Beach

Lookout point from Mu Ko Lanta National Park  & Epic Beach

National Park: 200 Baht Entrance Fee + 20 Baht Parking (~$9 CAD)

National Park: 200 Baht Entrance Fee + 20 Baht Parking (~$9 CAD)

Time Well Spent

We ended up spending 3 nights in Ko Lanta; a day on the bikes, a day by the pool, and a day exploring the beach in our own backyard. Between the various beaches and restaurants, you could definitely swing a longer visit in Ko Lanta. However, if you're squeezing all of Thailand into 1 month, 3 nights works no problem! Be sure to dine at the traditional Thai restaurants on the main strip (they have the tastiest/cheapest dining), hit up the beach at dusk for a $5 (CAD) massage, and stop in at Sanctuary Hostel on the water to participate in some yoga and arts & crafts. Be sure to enjoy a relaxing lunch here on the beach. Their food is fantastic; a wide range of healthy options and large portions. I ordered the Gado Gado salad (I believe this dish is Indonesian) with tofu and was so thankful for the giant plate of assorted veggies! Not to mention the curry sauce! 

Honeslty you can’t  go wrong in Ko Lanta. I could have stayed for much longer, enjoying the beautiful blue water beaches, laid back vibe, and delicious Thai food!