Diary of an Entrepreneur: Ch. 4

Chapter 4: Get Caught In The Web

Do you ever sit there watching your phone and think "does this thing still work?" Because you've sent messages out to about 6 different people and *cricket cricket* ... nothing. Oh you haven't? That's just me? Oh well then never mind friend, carry on... you popular son of a bitch. 

There's no worse feeling then putting solid content online, and getting little to no response (ok there probably are lots of worse feelings, but for arguments sake - there isn't). Great content is a must, as we talked about in chapter 3. But, if no one sees great content, is it still on the web? In an effort to avoid existentialism, let's dive right into the concept of networking. 

Where to Start

When Myfitlittlefoodie was just a wee little baby, it was a main priority of mine to get the word out to, well ANYONE WHO WOULD LISTEN. Starting from ground zero is tough BUT, you're never really at ground zero. You always have networking resources already in play, whether you realize it our not. Realistically, we are constantly networking in many aspects of our lives! So, I started with Facebook. It seemed like the most logical. I already had a long list of friends to share my blog with (whether they would return my texts was besides the point). And if I was lucky enough, those friends would share with their friends! The first post peeked quite an interest. That's usually how these things go. If you start doing something new, people want to see what your up to. After that, it's all about maintaining interest and keeping things fresh. I've collected an avid group of friends that regularly show an interest in my work, but I'm also convinced that the rest of my Facebook circle is annoyed by my constant food pictures and healthy sentiments (prove me wrong, I dare you!). But hey, Facebook is a mere tip of the iceberg. 

Finding The Tools

Inspiration pulled from Pinterest!

Inspiration pulled from Pinterest!

Facebook is a perfect first step, because regardless if you're good at what you do, people you know are generally pretty supportive (a great initial confidence booster). And once I finished riding that glorious wave, it was time for baby My Fit Little Foodie to hop on out into the real world. Since we all LOVE lists, here is a list of the sources I used to spread the foodie blog:

  • Instagram (I technically started here; it has become my most active business marketing tool - I'll do a chapter on this in the future)
  • Stumbleupon (Very simple, straightforward, and quick)
  • Reddit (Lord help me, I'll never figure this site out)
  • Twitter (you can set up your blog so that your account tweets your new blog posts automatically)
  • Youtube (this was mostly just a platform to link blog videos, but also acts as another outlet)
  • Pinterest (I've been told if you can join groups on Pinterest, that is where the magic happens)
  • Google Communities (surprisingly really beneficial if you find groups tailored to your niche)
  • Linking Other Blogs/Websites (add links in every blog post to increase your connections)

We Excel In Our Passion

Obviously the list goes on forever, but those were just some sources I found to be beneficial. In retrospect, some of them became totally obsolete to me BUT different tools work for different users. If you find one you enjoy using, you can become pretty damn good at it. Personally, I love Instagram. So, I found ways to build and brand, that don't feel like work at all. Reddit on the other hand... well, Fuck Reddit. 

The internet offers many platforms for you to showcase your creativity. The worst thing you can do is create content, and wait for people to come to you. Cause guess what, they ain't comin'! Be active in pointing people in the right direction, or at least in your direction. Content first, then be the compass.