Diary of an Entrepreneur: Ch. 2

Chapter 2: Becoming A Student

To grow is to be a student of your craft; to be sedentary is to dismiss your potential.

If I've learned anything throughout my journey thus far, it is this. Now considering where we left off (roughly a year and a half ago), Myfitlittlefoodie had just made a major decision to produce the next best selling cook book. I'd like to tell you that countless hours of vegan blood, sweat, and tears went into this project and you can now buy a published hard copy in stores. However, contrary to popular belief, hard work alone cannot build a 3 story house. It takes motivation, skill, and an inquisitive mind. You MUST be willing to become a student of your craft. And let's be clear, I am by no means suggesting that you sign up for courses or apply for a 4 year degree. You see, the true beauty of entrepreneurship lies in the freedom it encourages. As a self employed individual, you have the absolute power to find knowledge anywhere you wish. Read a book, learn from a stranger, watch a documentary, explore your community. There are no limitations except for the ones YOU place on yourself. 

So what did I do at the ripe old age 22? Well, if I knew better I would have created a course of learning for myself. Unfortunately I had yet to become my current clever self. But it just so happened that I stumbled across the right person at the right time. I'd like to think that with an open mind, we can attract in life, exactly what we need when we need it.

Check out Myfitlittlefoodie's first video! Calling this a throw back would be a bit of an understatement, but you can definitely SEE the inspiration sparking! A great message as well, for anyone who needs it!

It was a family dinner at a close friend's house that really triggered me to take the next step. Now I'll shed some light; do your best to learn from those who have what you want. And no, I'm not referring to the kid sitting next to you eating a jumbo burrito from Chipotle, or the girl texting away on her new iPhone. I'm referring to lifestyle. The people we want to become, the way we wish to spend our days, and the philosophies we want to stand by. You must be so careful as to whom you take advice from, because if we act on the lessons we learn from others, we often end up getting what others have. 

So when I was privileged enough to sit down with 2 very successful business owners, I ate it all up (literally AND figuratively)! I talked about my goals and ambitions, I asked questions, and most importantly, I listened. And what I took in that night, changed my entire path! 

What I learned was this:

  1. I needed to weigh the cost of publishing hard copies vs. an eBook
  2. I needed to consider what the demands of my target demographic were 
  3. I needed to create a platform that would be used as a marketing tool
  4. I needed to further understand the growth potential of the industry I was in
  5. I needed to further understand my own potential

Needless to say, within a week I had purchased a domain name which would soon grow into the blog you're reading today. I started taking myself more seriously; planning out my goals, researching and speaking to successful bloggers, and of course learning the technical side of blogging (which if you've ever tried learning how to code, you'll know just how serious I was). Looking back, I'm now realizing just how many small steps went into this journey, and believe me it was much more than my daily recommended 10 000. But the importance of this entry is not to burden you with a long list. I'm here today to reassure you that even though you'll need to purchase a new pair of sneakers, you'll be making leaps and bounds if you find the right teachers to your student.