Diary of an Entrepreneur: Ch. 3

Chapter 3: Content is key

The reality is, we live in a world of short term attention spans. Large companies go to great lengths to research the best ways to market their products. Methods of advertising have turned into a wide spread game of Wack-a-mole, where bundles of marketers are trying to pull our attention in every which way. That is why, content is key. And to better understand WHAT we want to create, we have to understand WHO we are creating it for (other than ourselves of course). 

One of my first steps in creating the blog was to brainstorm what I was all about, and who I wanted to share with. To do this, I needed to create an avatar, who would be the main focus of my target demographic. This was explained to me through a google hangout with a friend of a friend; a successful woman in the social media realm. Like I mentioned in chapter 2, finding your teachers and learning their wisdom is a VERY important beginner's step. 

The Who? The Avatar

'What is an avatar?' you ask. Well, in a general sense of the word, it's basically a concept represented by a human form. In the marketing world, avatars are essentially used to identify the likes and dislikes of a target audience. The example that was given to me way back when was a company I'm sure we are all familiar with - Lululemon. This highly successful corporation uses male and female avatars to specify branding and marketing strategies to a T, and clearly it works! Lululemon KNOWS who they are selling to BEFORE the buyer themselves know. And that, is genius marketing. If you want to learn more about Lululemon's avatar strategy, you can check the link here

The more I brainstormed my avatar, the more I realized that my avatar was me. I was mostly describing myself. Now I don't really see anything wrong with this. It makes sense that I would be targeting like minded individuals. And to be honest, that's how I knew that what I wanted to share with the world was authentic! 

The What

Content creates followers, it is essentially WHY we follow. No one is paying us, bribing us, or tricking us. When you like what you see, you subscribe.

 If you're considering building a blog, first think about what your niche will be. What is going to set you apart from others? For me, it was obvious. A vegan food blogger, focusing on recipes, healthy living, mindfulness, and the occasional LGBTQ post if I was willing to get personal enough. Now, content is not just WHAT you write, photograph, or say. It's HOW you deliver. This is why it was so important to me when I started blogging (it's still important) that I just be myself. Even to this day, the highest traffic on my blog posts are ones that really came from the heart. The more I emoted, the more people seemed to feel WITH me. And for me personally, that's a big part of the overall goal. It's also one of the many reasons why I've created "Diary of an Entrepreneur." So that I could connect with followers by involving them in the most basic processes of blogging and building a business. 

If I've learned anything about content, it is this: you can analyze data, find the best time of day to post, use the most popular hashtags, and even interact with as many social media accounts as possible BUT if you don't deliver solid content, anyone who is directed to your profile - won't stay... or won't come back! In my experience, great content stems from a strong passion. So find your niche, your inspiration, what makes you tick, and share it with the world!